Chrome Engine Now Supported In KioskSimple

By popular request we’ve added support for the Chrome engine (aka WebKit) to KioskSimple kiosk software for Windows.

If you prefer how your website looks in Google Chrome (or Safari) then you’ll want to download the latest version of KioskSimple today.

We’ll also cover Chrome’s “kiosk mode” and how it is different from kiosk software.

chrome engine kiosk mode

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KioskSimple Windows Kiosk Software

KioskSimple Windows kiosk softwareKioskSimple is a Windows kiosk software which makes it easy to convert your tablet or PC into a self-service kiosk in just a few minutes.  We also offer a fully-featured free demo of our Windows kiosk software so you can try before you buy.

Key features of KioskSimple Windows kiosk software:

  • Quickly convert your website into a self-service kiosk in just a few minutes
  • Start your .NET WPF application in “kiosk mode”
  • Accept cash and credit card payments
  • Affordable kiosk licensing starting at just $199 per kiosk (one-time cost)
  • Includes a developer friendly kiosk SDK
  • Try the fully-featured free demo today!

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Kiosk Software for Windows 7

KioskSimple kiosk software for Windows 7If you’re looking for affordable and reliable kiosk software for Windows 7 then look no further than KioskSimple for Windows.  We make it easy to convert your website or .NET WPF application into a self-service kiosk and we even offer a free demo so you can try it before you buy a single license.  We also offer free phone and email customer support and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Continue reading “Kiosk Software for Windows 7”

Kiosk Software for Windows 8

Kiosk Software for Windows 8KioskSimple makes it a breeze to convert any PC or tablet running Windows 8 into a self-service kiosk.  The fastest way to get your kiosk up and running is to create a website with all of your kiosk content and let KioskSimple “lockdown” the website on your kiosk.  Checkout the video below to see just how easy it is to put your website on a self-service kiosk running Windows 8.

How much does it cost?

There is a one-time license fee of $199/kiosk with volume pricing available.

Can I try a free demo?

Absolutely, checkout the fully-featured free demo here Continue reading “Kiosk Software for Windows 8”