How To Disable The Windows Charms Bar on Your Kiosk

If you operate a self-service kiosk or unattended payment terminal running Windows 8 with a touchscreen then you’ve probably noticed that pesky Windows charms bar that pops up all the time.

This cute looking charms bar is a huge security vulnerability since it allows users to navigate away from your kiosk application and tamper with the operating system.

Fortunately, disabling the Windows charms bar can be easily achieved with kiosk software.

windows charms bar

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Kiosk Software for Windows 8

Kiosk Software for Windows 8KioskSimple makes it a breeze to convert any PC or tablet running Windows 8 into a self-service kiosk.  The fastest way to get your kiosk up and running is to create a website with all of your kiosk content and let KioskSimple “lockdown” the website on your kiosk.  Checkout the video below to see just how easy it is to put your website on a self-service kiosk running Windows 8.

How much does it cost?

There is a one-time license fee of $199/kiosk with volume pricing available.

Can I try a free demo?

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How to Disable Internet Explorer Pinch-Zoom on Your Touchscreen Kiosk

Disable pinch-zoom on your Windows web browser kioskIf your Windows touchscreen kiosk is using the Internet Explorer WebBrowser Control you might want to consider disabling the user’s ability to “pinch-zoom” since it can cause readability issues.  Pinch-zoom can be a useful feature, especially when interacting with the web browser, but it can also cause confusion in a touchscreen kiosk environment since not all users are familiar with the pinch-zoom functionality.  Imagine the scenario where one user zooms in on the webpage and walks away, then the next user has no idea how to zoom back out to 100%.  Fortunately it’s easy to disable pinch-zoom in the Internet Explorer WebBrowser Control from the Windows registry and I’ll outline the steps below. Continue reading “How to Disable Internet Explorer Pinch-Zoom on Your Touchscreen Kiosk”