How to Snap a Photo From a Webcam Using JavaScript

Webcam JavaScript Code Example
Easily access your webcam with JavaScript

We’ve made it easy to take a photo from most popular webcams using our kiosk software and a little JavaScript.  In this article I’ll provide a detailed JavaScript webcam example complete with source code to help you get started quickly.

Webcams have many uses in unattended payment applications like self-service kiosks.  We’ve found our clients often like to snap a photo of a customer completing a transaction.  This especially comes in handy when disputing chargebacks.

Follow along as we explain the JavaScript webcam code example. Continue reading “How to Snap a Photo From a Webcam Using JavaScript”

Integrating a Webcam Into Your Kiosk Application

Integrate popular webcams into your kiosk application with KioskSimple
Add support for modern webcams to your kiosk application

Adding a webcam to your kiosk application can go a long way to improve the security of your kiosk.  In the case of disputed credit card charges (i.e. chargebacks) it can help to have a picture of the customer swiping the card in question.  One of our main goals with KioskSimple was to make it really easy for kiosk application developers to integrate popular kiosk devices, like webcams, into their kiosks.  The KioskSimple developer API supports integrating a webcam into your website and we have code examples to get you started. Continue reading “Integrating a Webcam Into Your Kiosk Application”

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