How to Make Your Kiosk Dispense Cash Like a Cashier

Dispense case from your kiosk with the MEI BNR bulk note recycler
MEI Bulk Note Recycler (BNR)

The ability to dispense cash from your kiosk can be invaluable for making change and reducing the need for human cashiers.  Traditional bill acceptors only accept cash, but bill recyclers have the ability to both accept and dispense cash like a human cashier

Your customers will appreciate your kiosks giving them change in bills, rather than dispensing a mountain of coins.

Even worse than dispensing coins is being mailed a check for the change.  Yes, I’ve actually seen this done.

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What is Kiosk Software?

Kiosk software running on a kioskKiosk software is a security application specifically designed to transform a PC or tablet into a self-service kiosk.  The kiosk software is also responsible for locking down your kiosks operating system to prevent malicious user tampering, which is why kiosk software is often referred to as “kiosk lockdown software.”

Some common features of kiosk software include:

Ensures that your kiosk application is always running

In most cases the kiosk operator will desire to deliver their content in the form of a website or native application running on their kiosk.  An example of a native application for a kiosk running Microsoft Windows would be a .NET WPF application.  For the sake of brevity, for the remainder of this article I’m going to refer to the website or native application running on your kiosk as “your kiosk application.”

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EMV Compliance vs. PCI Compliance

Ingenico iSelf-Series Kiosk EMV DeviceWhat’s the difference between EMV compliance and PCI compliance?  The short answer is they’re both guidelines for protecting cardholder data for the purpose preventing fraud, but they focus on different elements of the credit card transaction.

“To clarify it even further and more simply, PCI is about making sure the card data doesn’t get stolen and is secure in the first place and EMV is making sure if the data IS stolen that the content is rendered useless.” – CPI PCI and EMV: What’s the difference? Continue reading “EMV Compliance vs. PCI Compliance”

A Kiosk SDK Makes Accepting Payments Simple

KioskSimple kiosk SDKWe’ve made it easy to start accepting cash and credit card payments from your self-service kiosk by using the KioskSimple kiosk SDK.  Our kiosk SDK abstracts the complicated logic of several popular payment devices and greatly lowers the learning curve thereby saving you significant development costs.

Benefits of the KioskSimple kiosk SDK:

  • Speeds up development to save you time and money
  • Allows you to switch between supported payment devices with little to no code rework
  • Supports .NET WPF and JavaScript
  • Detailed code examples in C# and JavaScript
  • Free developer support included

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How to Deal With Bill Jams at Your Kiosk

Windows kiosk software bill jamBill jams are commonplace when your kiosk accepts cash payments. No matter how advanced the bill acceptor, there’s always that guy that inserts a bill covered in mud, or something worse, and gums up the device.

Rather than paying to rush out a support tech to clear the jam consider the option of running a backup bill acceptor. Continue reading “How to Deal With Bill Jams at Your Kiosk”

EMV Capable Card Readers, PIN Pads and Contactless Readers for Self-Service Kiosks

Ingenico kiosk EMV chip and PIN and contactless readerThe following is a list of EMV capable card readers, PIN pads and contactless card readers that are designed specifically for self-service environments like a kiosk.  As we’re beginning research and development on adding EMV capabilities to our US-based kiosk applications it makes sense to take inventory of the available EMV capable devices specifically designed for the self-service kiosk industry and weigh all of our options.  This is why I’m taking the time to assemble this list of EMV capable payment devices which will likely grow as the looming October 2015 EMV liability shift draws nearer. Continue reading “EMV Capable Card Readers, PIN Pads and Contactless Readers for Self-Service Kiosks”

Getting Started Developing Kiosk Software – Part 3 Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Payment Kiosks

KS_creditcard_bottom_cornerThis is my third and final article in a series titled “A Beginners Guide to Developing Kiosk Software.”

In this article I’m not even going to attempt to delve into the specifics of developing support for accepting payments because there is a huge variation between payment devices and their interfaces.

What I am going to cover is the decision making process you as a developer or business owner need to carefully step through when you decide to make your kiosk accept payments.

If you have any questions about a specific payment device please shoot me a message on one of my social media channels listed at the end of this article. Continue reading “Getting Started Developing Kiosk Software – Part 3 Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Payment Kiosks”

Integrating the MEI BNR (Bulk Note Recycler) Into Your Kiosk Application

Integrate the MEI BNR bulk note recycler with your kiosk application
MEI Bulk Note Recycler

If you need your kiosk application to dispense bills like an ATM then the MEI BNR is a perfect choice.  The MEI BNR is probably the best performing and most complicated bill acceptors we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and we wanted to make it easy for KioskSimple users to integrate this bill recycler into their kiosk applications.  The KioskSimple developer API makes it a breeze to integrate the MEI BNR with your website or .NET WPF native Windows application.

We can tell you from extensive experience that integrating the MEI BNR into your kiosk application WITHOUT KioskSimple typically takes several months, but by using KioskSimple you can shave that down to hours not months.  This is because our experienced developers have already done all the heavy lifting by creating an abstracted and developer-friendly API.  To get you started quickly we’ve create MEI BNR code examples in JavaScript and .NET WPF C# Continue reading “Integrating the MEI BNR (Bulk Note Recycler) Into Your Kiosk Application”

Integrating Magtek Credit Card Readers Into Your Kiosk Application

magtek credit card reader can be integrated into your kiosk application
Magtek Credit Card Reader

We really like the Magtek credit card readers and wanted to make them simple to integrate with your kiosk application using our KioskSimple developer-friendly API.  Credit cards are clearly the most popular form of payment being accepted by payment kiosks today and with just some minor code changes your kiosk application can begin accepting credit card payments also.  The KioskSimple developer API supports integrating Magtek credit card readers into your website or .NET WPF kiosk application and we have code examples to get you started. Continue reading “Integrating Magtek Credit Card Readers Into Your Kiosk Application”

Integrating MEI Bill Acceptors Into Your Kiosk Application

MEI SC Series bill acceptor
MEI SC Series Bill Acceptor

Since you’re reading this article you’re probably wanting to add support for accepting payments from an MEI bill acceptor into your kiosk application.  If this is the case then we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how easy this is to accomplish when you use the KioskSimple API.  One of the main draws of KioskSimple is just how simple we make it to integrate with popular kiosk payment devices like MEI bill acceptors.  KioskSimple currently supports the MEI AE and SC series bill acceptors along with the MEI BNR (Bulk Note Recycler). Continue reading “Integrating MEI Bill Acceptors Into Your Kiosk Application”