How to Run Your Website Using Kiosk Browser Software

Need to run your website on a public facing kiosk or tablet?  In this article we’re going to cover the basic steps, including configuring the kiosk browser software.

This article will cover:

  • Device selection (kiosk or tablet)
  • Configuring the kiosk browser software
  • Deployment

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How to Lockdown Your Browser – KioskSimple Kiosk Browser Lockdown

If you’re planning to run your website on a public facing PC or tablet, it’s not hard to imagine what could go wrong if a malicious user were to hijack control of your web browser.  KioskSimple is the kiosk browser lockdown software designed specifically to secure your web browser.

Recently a pornographic video appeared on a kiosk touchscreen at Washington D.C.’s Union Station which was caused by someone who gained access to the kiosk’s desktop operating system that was not properly secured.

Continue reading to learn how KioskSimple kiosk browser lockdown software can help secure your public facing kiosks and tablets.

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How to Put Your Training Videos on a Kiosk

Training video kiosks are a great way to save on training costs for your employees and educate customers on how to use your products and services.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to easily put your YouTube videos on a kiosk using our kiosk software KioskSimple.

This article will cover all the necessary steps to deploy your training video kiosk.

I’ll also include full source code for a basic training video website that’s responsive so it looks great on most tablets.

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How to Display a Menu of Websites On Your Kiosk

In order to make it easy to navigate between a series of websites on your kiosk we’ve added a menu feature to KioskSimple.

This is particularly useful if you’re allowing users to navigate away from your website to 3rd party websites.

In the case of a 3rd party website you probably don’t control their content and it will be difficult for users to find their way back to your website.

In this short article I’ll show you just how simple we’ve made it to  create a menu of websites so your users can always find their way back home.

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How to Filter Websites on Your Kiosk Web Browser

Need to filter websites your users can view on your public facing kiosk or POS?

The lack of website filtering can result in any number of issues including…

  • Malicious users installing viruses or malware
  • Credit card fraud and identity theft
  • Viewing of explicit or other inappropriate websites
  • Loss of sales
  • System downtime and much more

We’ve made it easy to filter websites your users can view using a powerful whitelist and blacklist.

The following example shows just how easy it is to filter websites with KioskSimple.

filter websites

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Windows Kiosk Mode vs. Kiosk Software

A common question I hear from new clients is “why would I want to use kiosk software when I can just use kiosk mode in Windows 8 (aka Assigned Access)?”

This is a fair question, so I’m going to explain the limitations of Windows Kiosk Mode and when there is a need for kiosk software.

The short answer is that kiosk software makes up for the short comings in Windows Kiosk Mode and adds an additional layer of security and ease of use to get you up and running quickly without all the headaches.

Our kiosk software is designed to be so simple that no nerd degree is required.

secure kiosk software

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How to Create a DIY Kiosk on the Cheap For Your Small Business

As a small business owner you recognize the value of self-service because it allows you to serve more customers with minimal staffing overhead.

In this article I’m going to give you the components to piece together a very economical do-it-yourself kiosk for your small business or startup for under $1000.

This example will cover a single DIY kiosk deployment, but could certainly be scaled to support a handful of kiosks.

Cheap kiosk for small business

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How to Accept Card Present Transactions from Your Website with JavaScript

JavaScript credit card reader integration
Magtek USB HID credit card reader

This article covers a simple way to accept card present transactions from your website using a Magtek credit card reader, JavaScript and KioskSimple.

You’re probably reading this article because you’ve decided to put your website on a self-service kiosk or tablet.  Rather than requiring your customers to enter all of their payment information, it makes more sense to have them swipe their credit card and process the transaction like a POS.

This also results in lower fees from the credit card processor, which is always a big plus.

This article includes an in-depth example, including source code, for integrating a Magtek credit card reader with your website via JavaScript and KioskSimple.

This example also processes the payment via Authorize.Net, which you can optionally substitute for your own payment gateway.  Please contact us if you want help substituting a different payment gateway.

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How Can I Run Chrome or Safari from My Kiosk?

google-chrome-logoLately we’ve been getting a lot of requests to run Google Chrome from KioskSimple.  In response to popular demand we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be adding support for WebKit in early 2015.  In case you’re not familiar with WebKit, it’s the HTML rendering engine used in Apple Safari and a fork of the project is used in Google Chrome.  The bottom line is, if you love the look and feel of Chrome or Safari, then you’ll love WebKit. Continue reading “How Can I Run Chrome or Safari from My Kiosk?”

Setting Up a Time Tracking Kiosk with KioskSimple

Secure your time tracking Kiosk with KioskSimpleKioskSimple makes it easy for organizations of any size to make their time tracking website securely accessible from a self-service kiosk.  This way workers can use a central kiosk or Windows tablet to log their time.  In this example I’ll be using the eBillity Time Tracker web app from the Intuit App Center, but it would work fine with other time tracking websites also. Continue reading “Setting Up a Time Tracking Kiosk with KioskSimple”