How to Put Google Forms on a Kiosk

In this article, we’re going to cover how to use Google Forms on a kiosk.  Since Google Forms kiosk mode does not exist, we decided to create an easy solution for easily and securely deploying Google Forms to a kiosk or tablet.

The process is simple, first you’ll create your Google Form and then deploy it to your kiosk using the browser lockdown software KioskSimple.

KioskSimple makes it a breeze to securely deploy Google Forms in kiosk mode and helps prevent malicious user tampering.

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How to Put Your PowerPoint Presentation on a Kiosk

A common question I hear is “how can I put my PowerPoint presentation on a kiosk?”  While PowerPoint does have a “kiosk mode” it’s not secure enough for an unattended environment like a self-service kiosk.

A fairly simple workaround is to take advantage of the free Google Docs service which allows you to view your PowerPoint presentation from a web browser.

Once your PowerPoint presentation is published to the web in Google Docs it’s simply a matter of using kiosk software to lockdown your kiosk and prevent malicious user tampering.


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