Creditcall KioskSimple EMV Case Study

Great case study by Creditcall on our KioskSimple integration with their EMV Payment Gateway.

RedSwimmer was looking for a way to provide EMV compliance to users of their kiosk software, KioskSimple.

The Challenge

RedSwimmer was looking for a way to provide EMV compliance to users of their kiosk software, KioskSimple. Many of RedSwimmer customers are retail POS providers and unattended payments providers who needed support with making their solution EMV-compliant. Their kiosk or POS applications were developed as a web app and used the KioskSimple software which acts as middleware, providing a JavaScript API which can easily be called by a web application and thereby add support for accepting EMV payments via Creditcall’s payment gateway solution ChipDNA using the Windows SDK.

Using the Creditcall EMV Virtual Terminal With KioskSimple

The Creditcall EMV Virtual Terminal is a convenient way to test your EMV implementation without requiring a physical EMV terminal.

Fortunately the Creditcall EMV Virtual Terminal is designed to emulate an EMV terminal.  This makes for a quick and affordable way to test EMV contact and contactless NFC payments in your application without purchasing EMV hardware.

In this article we’re going to cover how to use the Creditcall EMV Virtual Terminal with KioskSimple kiosk software.

Creditcall EMV Virtual Terminal
Creditcall EMV Virtual Terminal

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EMV JavaScript API for the Creditcall Payment Gateway

If you accept credit card payments from your kiosk or POS then you’ve probably been thinking it’s about time to become EMV compliant.

This can be especially challenging if your kiosk or POS has been developed as a web application.

Options are limited when it comes to finding an EMV JavaScript API that will play nice with your website.

This is why we built an EMV JavaScript API into KioskSimple which interfaces directly to the Creditcall payment gateway.

The following example will show how to easily integrate the Creditcall EMV payment gateway into your web application using the KioskSimple EMV JavaScript API.

Creditcall EMV JavaScript API

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Creditcall EMV Now Supported In KioskSimple

If you’re one of the many web developers wanting to process EMV payments from your web-based POS or kiosk application then we have some great news for you!

The Creditcall EMV payment gateway is now fully integrated into KioskSimple kiosk software and we’ve made it simple to interface with your web application.

It’s now possible to make JavaScript API calls to the Creditcall EMV payment gateway when you use KioskSimple.

Creditcall EMV Payment Gateway

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Adding EMV Support to Your Website Is Easy With KioskSimple

If you have a website which processes credit card payments from an attended POS or unattended kiosk and you want to add support for EMV Chip & PIN or NFC then you’re probably having trouble finding a simple solution.

We’ve meet many people just like you who are running their website with support for card present transactions via a magnetic stripe card reader, but need to achieve EMV compliance by the EMV 2015 liability shift deadline.

This is why we created a way for web developers to easily integrate EMV support into their website using JavaScript, KioskSimple and the Creditcall payment gateway.


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How You Can Easily Prevent Credit Card Fraud at Your Kiosk

EMV kiosk softwareIf you operate a self-service kiosk or unattended payment terminal which accepts credit card payments then you’re probably already aware of the looming October 2015 liability shift.

Everyone is scrambling to integrate their payment systems with EMV compliant hardware, but according to CreditCall the typical EMV migration takes 22 months, so for many companies it may be a case of too little too late.

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EMV is Coming to Self-Service Kiosks in 2015

Kiosk EMV payment deviceIf you’ve been watching the news lately you’ve probably heard about the credit card security breach at Target and all the buzz around “Chip and PIN” or “EMV.”  In the case of Target, while hackers could have stolen the information from EMV capable cards the data would have been worthless.  This is because EMV cards contain a microprocessor which produces unique output each time the card is used, unlike traditional magstripe cards.  This makes the EMV cards difficult to replicate and removes the incentive for hackers to steal information from EMV card transactions. Continue reading “EMV is Coming to Self-Service Kiosks in 2015”