How You Can Easily Prevent Credit Card Fraud at Your Kiosk

EMV kiosk softwareIf you operate a self-service kiosk or unattended payment terminal which accepts credit card payments then you’re probably already aware of the looming October 2015 liability shift.

Everyone is scrambling to integrate their payment systems with EMV compliant hardware, but according to CreditCall the typical EMV migration takes 22 months, so for many companies it may be a case of too little too late.

The good news is that by using an EMV payment gateway you can dramatically reduce your migration time and avoid being caught unprepared by the looming EMV liability shift deadline. Continue reading “How You Can Easily Prevent Credit Card Fraud at Your Kiosk”

EMV is Coming to Self-Service Kiosks in 2015

Kiosk EMV payment deviceIf you’ve been watching the news lately you’ve probably heard about the credit card security breach at Target and all the buzz around “Chip and PIN” or “EMV.”  In the case of Target, while hackers could have stolen the information from EMV capable cards the data would have been worthless.  This is because EMV cards contain a microprocessor which produces unique output each time the card is used, unlike traditional magstripe cards.  This makes the EMV cards difficult to replicate and removes the incentive for hackers to steal information from EMV card transactions. Continue reading “EMV is Coming to Self-Service Kiosks in 2015”