Integrating a bill acceptor in .NET WPF C# with the KioskSimple API

KioskSimple supports integrating MEI bill acceptors in .NET WPF C#Integrating a bill acceptor into your .NET WPF application can be a daunting task, so we’ve created the KioskSimple API to ease the pains of integration by providing an abstracted C# API for popular bill acceptors.  To get you started quickly we’ve created code examples on integrating bill acceptors in .NET WPF C#.

How much time will the KioskSimple API save me?

Most of the bill acceptors we support can be integrated into your WPF C# application in a single day by using the KioskSimple bill acceptor API.  This can easily save you months of development over using the manufacturers SDK. Continue reading “Integrating a bill acceptor in .NET WPF C# with the KioskSimple API”

Integrating MEI Bill Acceptors Into Your Kiosk Application

MEI SC Series bill acceptor
MEI SC Series Bill Acceptor

Since you’re reading this article you’re probably wanting to add support for accepting payments from an MEI bill acceptor into your kiosk application.  If this is the case then we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how easy this is to accomplish when you use the KioskSimple API.  One of the main draws of KioskSimple is just how simple we make it to integrate with popular kiosk payment devices like MEI bill acceptors.  KioskSimple currently supports the MEI AE and SC series bill acceptors along with the MEI BNR (Bulk Note Recycler). Continue reading “Integrating MEI Bill Acceptors Into Your Kiosk Application”