Serving the Self-Service Kiosk Niche – How We Do It

I wanted to outline the three major ways our company serves the self-service kiosk niche for those who aren’t familiar with our small software company.

Most of the value we generate comes from one of the following activities:

  • Creating free instructional and thought provoking content
  • Developing innovative kiosk software solutions
  • Delivering unparalleled customer and developer support
Our small, but passionate development team
Our small, but passionate development team

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A Kiosk SDK Makes Accepting Payments Simple

KioskSimple kiosk SDKWe’ve made it easy to start accepting cash and credit card payments from your self-service kiosk by using the KioskSimple kiosk SDK.  Our kiosk SDK abstracts the complicated logic of several popular payment devices and greatly lowers the learning curve thereby saving you significant development costs.

Benefits of the KioskSimple kiosk SDK:

  • Speeds up development to save you time and money
  • Allows you to switch between supported payment devices with little to no code rework
  • Supports .NET WPF and JavaScript
  • Detailed code examples in C# and JavaScript
  • Free developer support included

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Integrating a Webcam Into Your Kiosk Application

Integrate popular webcams into your kiosk application with KioskSimple
Add support for modern webcams to your kiosk application

Adding a webcam to your kiosk application can go a long way to improve the security of your kiosk.  In the case of disputed credit card charges (i.e. chargebacks) it can help to have a picture of the customer swiping the card in question.  One of our main goals with KioskSimple was to make it really easy for kiosk application developers to integrate popular kiosk devices, like webcams, into their kiosks.  The KioskSimple developer API supports integrating a webcam into your website and we have code examples to get you started. Continue reading “Integrating a Webcam Into Your Kiosk Application”

Easily Integrate Popular Kiosk Devices with the KioskSimple Developer API

Integrate payment devices with you kiosk applicationDoes your kiosk application need to support accepting payments or possibly integrate with some elaborate biometric device?  If so then we’ve got a solution that your developers will love.  The KioskSimple Developer API is specifically designed to make it easier, simple even, to integrate popular kiosk devices with your kiosk application.  We’ve provided code examples in .NET WPF C# for native Windows applications and JavaScript for websites to get your started quickly.  Our developers have done all the heavy lifting by creating an abstracted interface (aka API) for popular kiosk devices so you don’t have to understand all of the ins and out of these intricate devices.

Here are just a few examples of the sort of kiosk devices our API supports:

  • Credit Card Readers
  • Bill Acceptors
  • Coin Acceptors
  • Biometrics
  • Thermal Printers
  • Webcams

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