How to Avoid Costly Downtime with Your Payment Kiosk

I’ve had the pleasure of deploying payment kiosks across the United States and a reoccurring issue I’ve encountered is dealing with “jammed up” bill and coin acceptors.

In my experience this occasionally happens to even the highest quality payment devices. In this article I’m going to detail the redundancy strategies we employ in our client’s payment kiosks to help maximize their ROI and minimize downtime. Continue reading “How to Avoid Costly Downtime with Your Payment Kiosk”

Getting Started Developing Kiosk Software – Part 1 the Basics

KioskSimple kiosk softwareMy goal for this series of articles on kiosk software development is to give an overview on the basics of developing kiosk software that’s both a joy for your customers to use and adheres to the guidelines of PCI-Compliance.

This is more of a series of general guidelines and tips based on my 7+ years of experience developing and dealing with other people’s kiosk software not a comprehensive how-to guide.

When I use the term “kiosk software” I’m referring to any software running on a kiosk in a self-service (unattended) environment regardless of the technology used. The kiosks our company commonly deals with are running Microsoft Windows so I’ll use terms like “Web app” or “Windows app” when referring to the kiosk software, but feel free to substitute whatever technology is appropriate for your environment.

This first article in the series will cover the basic considerations you’ll have when getting started on your first kiosk software project and later articles I’ll get into more advanced topics like security, payment processing and more. Continue reading “Getting Started Developing Kiosk Software – Part 1 the Basics”