Kiosk Consultants – Hire the Experts

There are a lot of pitfalls to be aware of if you’re designing self-service kiosks.  Let our expert kiosk consultants hold your hand through the process from design to deployment.

Our kiosk consulting services include:

  • Designing your kiosk software from the ground up
  • Selecting the right kiosk for your needs
  • Touch-friendly user interface design
  • Assisting your developers with kiosk software development
  • EMV and PCI compliance
  • Deploying your kiosks to production
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

Our kiosk consulting services are billed on an as-needed hourly basis and are ideal when you already have a development team, but need expert advice on how to develop and deploy your kiosk project.

Don’t have developers or just prefer us to develop the entire solution for you? No problem, please check out our kiosk software development process.

Contact us today to learn more about our kiosk consulting services and help ensure your kiosk gets built right the first time.