6 Tips for Boosting Customer Engagement at Your Kiosks

It’s Sunday morning and you’re fiending for a Sausage Egg McMuffin as you walk into McDonald’s. Near the checkout line you’re faced with a row of self-service kiosks and the choice to either order from a kiosk, or a cashier.

That first screen you see on the kiosk (the kiosk attract screen) is a major determining factor in influencing if you opt to order from the kiosk, or the teenager behind the counter.

Since the point of deploying our kiosk is to promote self-service, using the kiosk is obviously the desired outcome. In this article I’m going to cover the key components for creating an engaging kiosk attract screen to help your customers choose your kiosk over interacting with your staff.

Your kiosk attract screen must incorporate the following:

  1. Clearly communicate your kiosk’s purpose
  2. Convey the benefit of using your kiosk
  3. Use short, large and easily readable text
  4. Incorporate eye-catching photography
  5. Be relevant to your customer demographic
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How to Run Your Website Using Kiosk Browser Software

Need to run your website on a public facing kiosk or tablet?  In this article we’re going to cover the basic steps, including configuring the kiosk browser software.

This article will cover:

  • Device selection (kiosk or tablet)
  • Configuring the kiosk browser software
  • Deployment

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How to Lockdown Your Browser – KioskSimple Kiosk Browser Lockdown

If you’re planning to run your website on a public facing PC or tablet, it’s not hard to imagine what could go wrong if a malicious user were to hijack control of your web browser.  KioskSimple is the kiosk browser lockdown software designed specifically to secure your web browser.

Recently a pornographic video appeared on a kiosk touchscreen at Washington D.C.’s Union Station which was caused by someone who gained access to the kiosk’s desktop operating system that was not properly secured.

Continue reading to learn how KioskSimple kiosk browser lockdown software can help secure your public facing kiosks and tablets.

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How to Put Google Forms on a Kiosk

In this article, we’re going to cover how to use Google Forms on a kiosk.  Since Google Forms kiosk mode does not exist, we decided to create an easy solution for easily and securely deploying Google Forms to a kiosk or tablet.

The process is simple, first you’ll create your Google Form and then deploy it to your kiosk using the browser lockdown software KioskSimple.

KioskSimple makes it a breeze to securely deploy Google Forms in kiosk mode and helps prevent malicious user tampering.

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KioskSimple 1.4.5 Released

This build contains the following updates to KioskSimple:

New Features:

  • Allows the browser to access the webcam and mic for meeting/chat applications
  • Prevent users from defining invalid keystroke combo for exiting KioskSimple
  • Added real-time validation of Windows auto-login user credentials
  • Updated Chrome Engine to latest version

To update KioskSimple simply run the KioskSimple Config tool and click the icon at the top menu with the cloud and arrow through it then select UPDATE ALL.

If you want to be notified of new releases subscribe to the KioskSimple blog today.

How to Put Your Training Videos on a Kiosk

Training video kiosks are a great way to save on training costs for your employees and educate customers on how to use your products and services.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to easily put your YouTube videos on a kiosk using our kiosk software KioskSimple.

This article will cover all the necessary steps to deploy your training video kiosk.

I’ll also include full source code for a basic training video website that’s responsive so it looks great on most tablets.

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KioskSimple 1.4.4 Released

This build contains the following updates to KioskSimple:

New Features:

  • Option to return the user to the home page if the user is idle for the configured timeout.
  • Option to purge browser cache when KioskSimple is first started.
  • Option to allow OS to handle URL prefix by launching 3rd party applications (i.e. mailto: launching Outlook).
  • Display a detailed error message if the browser fails to load a webpage.
  • Automatically handle links that try to open a new browser window/tab (target=”_blank”) in the current browser window.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed issue with page not having focus in Chrome Engine when page is initially loaded.
  • Installer prompts the user to reboot after installing to ensure the keyboard filter driver is loaded.

Why It’s Critical to Set a Budget for Your Custom Kiosk Project

Why do I need to set a budget for my custom kiosk project? Just tell me how much it will cost!

I’ve heard this countless times when talking to potential customers and it’s probably what you’re thinking right now.

Many customers get uncomfortable when we begin talking about money when it comes to their custom kiosk project.  This is because there is a common misconception that the development firm determines the cost of the project.

The reality is that when you’re dealing with a custom kiosk project (custom is the key word here, meaning not an off-the-shelf solution) the majority of the cost is determined by the selections you make.

So why do we need to know your budget?

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How to Filter Websites on Your Kiosk Web Browser

Need to filter websites your users can view on your public facing kiosk or POS?

The lack of website filtering can result in any number of issues including…

  • Malicious users installing viruses or malware
  • Credit card fraud and identity theft
  • Viewing of explicit or other inappropriate websites
  • Loss of sales
  • System downtime and much more

We’ve made it easy to filter websites your users can view using a powerful whitelist and blacklist.

The following example shows just how easy it is to filter websites with KioskSimple.

filter websites

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Chrome Engine Now Supported In KioskSimple

By popular request we’ve added support for the Chrome engine (aka WebKit) to KioskSimple kiosk software for Windows.

If you prefer how your website looks in Google Chrome (or Safari) then you’ll want to download the latest version of KioskSimple today.

We’ll also cover Chrome’s “kiosk mode” and how it is different from kiosk software.

chrome engine kiosk mode

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