T-Flex Coin Dispenser Added to KioskSimple Supported Devices

telequip tflex coin dispenser

The Telequip T-Flex coin dispenser has just been added to the KioskSimple list of supported devices.

Now you can easily integrate the T-Flex coin dispenser into your web app using our developer friendly JavaScript API

The Challenge

For web developers, there’s no easy way to add support for a coin dispenser.

This is because the SDK for most coin dispensers are designed to be used from a native app, not a website.

If you’re a web developer looking to add support for a coin dispenser, then you need a JavaScript API which is just not an option.

The Solution

Through KioskSimple we were able to introduce a middleware layer which exposes a JavaScript API for the T-Flex coin dispenser.

We were essentially able to abstract the native SDK and provide a JavaScript API which can be used from your web app.

How it Works

Now it’s easy to make JavaScript calls to the T-Flex coin dispenser API to enable the device and dispense the required amount.

All that is required is KioskSimple and the Telequip T-Flex Coin Dispenser Plugin.

We can provide detailed code examples upon request.

Contact us today if you’d like more information about how to integrate the Telequip T-Flex coin dispenser into your web app.

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Author: Andrew Savala

Andrew Savala is the CEO of RedSwimmer, with a background in designing and deploying complex payment kiosk systems. Andrew offers high-value, strategic consulting services to companies looking to develop their payment kiosks.