Cashless transactions are not always cheaper: Guillaume Lepecq | Business Standard News

Interesting read on why cashless payments are not always cheaper or more efficient.

In recent years a debate has been taking place in the developed world about the utility of bank notes and coins, with several commentators suggesting that cash will disappear in about ten years.

Research by international payments industry expert Guillaume Lepecq, however, shows that the demand for bank notes and coins has continued to grow at a significant pace around the world, in parallel with electronic payments.

What explains this durability and why should the use of cash be encouraged when alternative payment systems are gaining currency? Lepecq discusses these issues with Kanika Datta

How Much Does It Cost to Build Custom Kiosk Software

I’m going to give you some examples of the factors that contribute to the cost of building custom kiosk software and some broad cost ranges on the kiosk software and kiosk hardware.

A common¬†question I get asked in the first few minutes of a call with a potential client looking for custom kiosk software is “how much will this cost me?”

Sometimes people get irritated when I explain that it takes more than a 5-minute conversation in order to really understand their requirements.

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