How to Filter Websites on Your Kiosk Web Browser

Need to filter websites your users can view on your public facing kiosk or POS?

The lack of website filtering can result in any number of issues including…

  • Malicious users installing viruses or malware
  • Credit card fraud and identity theft
  • Viewing of explicit or other inappropriate websites
  • Loss of sales
  • System downtime and much more

We’ve made it easy to filter websites your users can view using a powerful whitelist and blacklist.

The following example shows just how easy it is to filter websites with KioskSimple.

filter websites

We make it easy to filter websites

KioskSimple makes it easy to filter websites your users can view on your web browser based kiosk or POS.

To get started controlling your users experience with website filtering just follow these simple steps and please feel free to contact us with any questions.

How to filter websites with KioskSimple

In this simple example I’ll be allowing the user to view every page on my website https://www.blog.kiosksimple.com except those under the “Accounts” section.

I can accomplish this in just a few easy steps…

  1. Run the KioskSimple Configuration Tool and navigate to BROWSER->WEBSITE FILTERING.
  2. Set Enable website filter to ON.
  3. Add a Whitelist rule for “https://www.blog.kiosksimple.com/*”.  The star at the end is a wildcard allowing the user to view every webpage on the site.
  4. Add a Blacklist rule for “https://www.blog.kiosksimple.com/account/*”.  This will block all webpages under the accounts section.
  5. Save your changes and you’re done!
Website filtering example
Example allowing the user to view every page on my website except those under the “Accounts” section.

Please note this example only allows access to the http (unencrypted) version of the website.

If I also wanted to allow traffic to the encrypted version of the site I would create identical whitelist and blacklist rules, but replace the “http” with “https”.

Try the Free Website Filtering Demo Today!

Please download the free demo of KioskSimple today and give this website filtering example a try.

As always please feel free to contact us with any questions and we’ll hold your hand through the entire process and get you up and running quickly.

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Author: Andrew Savala

Andrew Savala is the CEO of RedSwimmer, with a background in designing and deploying complex payment kiosk systems. Andrew offers high-value, strategic consulting services to companies looking to develop their payment kiosks.

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