Adding EMV Support to Your Website Is Easy With KioskSimple

If you have a website which processes credit card payments from an attended POS or unattended kiosk and you want to add support for EMV Chip & PIN or NFC then you’re probably having trouble finding a simple solution.

We’ve meet many people just like you who are running their website with support for card present transactions via a magnetic stripe card reader, but need to achieve EMV compliance by the EMV 2015 liability shift deadline.

This is why we created a way for web developers to easily integrate EMV support into their website using JavaScript, KioskSimple and the Creditcall payment gateway.


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What’s Your Excuse for Not Starting Your Kiosk Project?

Have you ever wanted to start your kiosk project, but found an excuse to delay the launch and the project fizzled?

Assuming the project is worth doing, then why does this happen? I think in many cases it’s because we let our fears of the unknown get in the way.

Here are a few of the reason’s I’ve encountered why some of our potential clients get cold feet and their kiosk project and never get started.


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