Kiosk Touch Screen Software for Windows

KioskSimple kiosk touch screen software for WindowsKioskSimple kiosk touch screen software for Windows is optimized for touch screen kiosks and tablets and allows you to quickly convert your website or .NET WPF app into a self-service kiosk.  Try a free demo of KioskSimple kiosk touch screen software for Windows today!

Here’s just a few of the features in our KioskSimple kiosk touch screen software:

Touch screen keyboard

Our kiosk touch screen keyboard is based off of the proven Windows 8 “modern” keyboard so it should have a familiar look and feel.kiosk touch screen software keyboard

Easily to setup

KioskSimple can turn any website into a self-service kiosk in just a few easy steps.  KioskSimple also supports starting your .NET WPF application in “kiosk mode.”

Blocks unwanted keystrokes like Ctrl-Alt-Del

KioskSimple includes a keystroke filter which allows you to block unwanted keystrokes like Ctrl-Alt-Del and prevents users from tampering with the operating system.

Website Filter

We give you complete control over the websites that can be viewed on your kiosk through the use of a whitelist.

Free and friendly technical support included

We’re always happy to answer any of your questions by phone or email.  We want to hear your feedback so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about our kiosk touch screen software.

Affordable pricing, free demo included

KioskSimple kiosk touch screen software starts at only $199 per kiosk (one-time cost) with volume pricing available.  You can also try a free demo of KioskSimple so that you can make sure it’s a perfect fit before you buy.

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Andrew Savala is the CEO of RedSwimmer, with a background in designing and deploying complex payment kiosk systems. Andrew offers high-value, strategic consulting services to companies looking to develop their payment kiosks.