Lockdown Software For Kiosks

KioskSimple software for kiosksKioskSimple is a powerful software for kiosks which makes it easy to convert your existing website or .NET WPF application into a self-service kiosk.  We also offer a free demo of our software for kiosks so you can try before you buy.

Key features of KioskSimple software for kiosks:

  • Convert your website into a self-service kiosk in just a few easy steps
  • Run your .NET WPF application in “kiosk mode” Learn more
  • Accept payments using popular payment devices
  • Affordable per kiosk licensing starting at just $199/kiosk (one-time cost)
  • Includes a developer friendly kiosk SDK
  • Try the fully-featured free demo today

What is software for kiosks?

Software for kiosks is a generic term which typically refers to a kiosk software capable of converting a PC or tablet into a self-service kiosk.  In the case of KioskSimple we take your existing website or .NET WPF application and run it in “lockdown mode” so that you have total control over the content displayed on your kiosk.  Even if a malicious user reboots your kiosk or try’s to shutdown your website KioskSimple intervenes to ensure that your content is always what your customers see.

How much does your software for kiosks cost?

There is a one-time license fee of $199 per kiosk with optional plugins available to add support for popular payment devices.

Can I try your software for kiosks before I buy?

Absolutely, please try the fully-featured free demo today and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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Author: Andrew Savala

Andrew Savala is the CEO of RedSwimmer, with a background in designing and deploying complex payment kiosk systems. Andrew offers high-value, strategic consulting services to companies looking to develop their payment kiosks.