Integrating the MEI BNR (Bulk Note Recycler) Into Your Kiosk Application

Integrate the MEI BNR bulk note recycler with your kiosk application
MEI Bulk Note Recycler

If you need your kiosk application to dispense bills like an ATM then the MEI BNR is a perfect choice.  The MEI BNR is probably the best performing and most complicated bill acceptors we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and we wanted to make it easy for KioskSimple users to integrate this bill recycler into their kiosk applications.  The KioskSimple developer API makes it a breeze to integrate the MEI BNR with your website or .NET WPF native Windows application.

We can tell you from extensive experience that integrating the MEI BNR into your kiosk application WITHOUT KioskSimple typically takes several months, but by using KioskSimple you can shave that down to hours not months.  This is because our experienced developers have already done all the heavy lifting by creating an abstracted and developer-friendly API.  To get you started quickly we’ve create MEI BNR code examples in JavaScript and .NET WPF C#

The MEI BNR makes your kiosk dispense cash like an ATM

In just three easy steps you’ll be accepting and dispensing cash from your kiosk application like at ATM:

  1. Have your developers review our MEI BNR code examples in JavaScript and .NET WPF C# to confirm they can make the necessary changes to your kiosk application.
  2. Download a free demo copy of KioskSimple and the MEI BNR Plugin (you download the plugin from the KioskSimple configuration tool).
  3. Follow our examples to make the necessary code changes to your kiosk application and start accepting and dispensing cash right away!

KioskSimple MEI bill acceptor developer supportOur developer support team is happy to provide assistance if your developers have any questions about the code examples or integrating the MEI BNR into your kiosk application. Benefit from our experience with the MEI BNR today and save your team months of unnecessary headache and expense.  If you have any questions about the code examples we’re happy to get you in touch with our developers so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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